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Let's Talk About Light

We are talking about light: light in nature defines what we can recognize and see, differentiating this from what cannot be seen and remains invisible. In visual representations, light defines what exists, distinguishing it from what is not depicted; light determines a place, draws an area, carves the forms.

Truetopia is the place that begins right at the end of the shadows and ends right before the beginning of the light.
It is a place with an undefined form, infinite in its possibilities, shaped by our thoughts.

Truetopia is the place where we work.We create images; we construct a way of seeing things.

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Franke Pavilion, Marc Thorpe. Exterior.

Réinventer Paris, Studio Dorell. Exterior.

Humble House, Coy Yiontis Architects. Exterior / Facade.

Humble House, Coy Yiontis Architects. Exterior.

Trilobi, Decò, Poliedri, Venini. Interior for Venini.

Darpanah, Bhusanam, Kiritam, Ettore Sottsass. Light Setup for Venini.

Lou, Aldo Cibic. Light Setup for Venini. Golden Room.

Martinengo, Venini, Light Setup / Close-up for Venini.

About us

Truetopia Studio offers architectural and product visualization services. The idea was born from the desire to bring 3D rendering, computer graphics – such as 3D videos – and the usage of virtual reality viewers to the next level of excellence through a personal, recognizable style.

Research in image composition, artistic quality and attention to detail are the values that distinguish the projects Truetopia offers to their clients.

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Areas of expertise

The first step to have a quality product is clarity in communication. This allows us to best address the clients’ requests, advising and guiding them towards the services we offer.

  • Still Life

    This technique is aimed at enhancing a product placed on an artificial background, in order to create a play of shapes and light.

  • Light Setup

    This scene setting is particularly suitable for creating images with the aim of enhancing a product placed in a contest that will be studied and developed to fully improve the product characteristics. It is the ideal setting for catalogue images.

  • Interior

    Rather than on the product, the focus is on the interior architecture – main subject of the scene. We enhance an indoor project and create images with great spatial value.

  • Exterior

    Our experience has allowed us to work at different scales. Photorealistic digital representation of exterior architecture: when choosing the image, the artistic direction aims at creating the most suitable framing, atmosphere and light choice to highlight the spaces and the design of the depicted location.

  • Immagini VR

    This specific type of work provides for a 360° representation of a location – either interior or exterior – allowing a vision of the setting in all directions.

  • Still life
  • light Setup
  • Exterior
  • Virtual Reality
  • Video 3d

Truetopia has had the pleasure of working with brands at an international level.

Selected clients

  • American architect and designer, internationally recognized. He has collaborated with great design brands such as Moroso and Venini. He is best known for his meticulous approach aimed at integrating architecture, design and technology.

  • International brand that represents one of Murano’s excellences in the artistic production. Our long-lasting collaboration with Venini has led us to master glass representation techniques.

  • Dan Dorell is an award winning studio that performs architecture, city planning and design in various fields and develops poetic and sustainable solutions specific for every site.

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